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Darwin Digits provides Informatics services in Life Sciences and Health. We offer bioinformatics, genomics data analysis, laboratory software tool development as well as project management and consultancy. The technologies we use aim to support and speed up food, crop and drug development by giving insight into biological processes and identifying drug targets and biomarkers.

Life Science and Health Care organizations typically deal with large and complex data sets including research and development data on genes and its interactions, mutations and disease, and laboratory tracking and storage information. To manage and analyze these data it requires insight from both Informatics Technology as well as Life Science and Health Care.

Darwin Digits is specialized in bridging the gap between Information Technology and Life Science business. We critically analyze the needs and develop and advise on informatics solutions for efficient genomics research and development in biotechnology and pharmaceutics: to go from data to biology, to manage data, and to develop tools to automate laboratory processes. We tackle complexity and create an understandable environment between Informatics and Life Science.

We have a track record in Life Science Informatics and use advanced methods and technology, collaborating with several research institutes

Darwin Digits

Natural selection is survival,
whatever the complexity is.
Survival is success.

Once we tackle complexity
we can select naturally,
leading to survival
leading to success.




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